Performance Class is designed to increase your athletic performance as well as your cardiovascular Capacity. The unique class was created to challenge athletes at any level. One day will be designed to work on plyometrics, speed, quickness, balance and coordination. The other day will be designed to Increase your cardiovascular endurance and capacity. This class will also have a wide range of core strength and stability exercises.   


Barbell Club is designed to work in sync with your current Beardown Training program. The class will also teach you the proper techniques to properly perform movements like the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. Olympic lifting greatly improves power, coordination, speed, agility, balance and accuracy to your overall fitness performance. The class will teach you how to quickly and safely move heavy weights to increase strength in all lifts. 45 min Class, 3 days a week. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome.     


100% for 45 minutes. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a training technique designed to give all-out effort through fast, intense bursts of exercise. Followed by short and sometimes active recovery periods. Keeping your heart rate up allows your body to burn more fat in less time. This unique class will engage your entire body and have you pushing harder than you ever thought you could! A new HIIT class workout is freshly created every week to keep class members on their toes. 45 min class, 3 days a week. Members of all Skill levels welcome!      


Strength and Conditioning combines basic barbell movements with with conditioning workouts. Building strength and power that transfers to any physical endeavor. This class will focus on developing total body strength and develop a higher level of conditioning. Improving your ability to run, jump, move and execute whatever your personal fitness goals focus on. Learn movements such as the squat, deadlift, and a variety of different presses. 45 minute class, 2 times a week. Multiple time slots available.


BearDown Hybrid is an intense Full Body Workout that combines all of our classes into one challenging work out! The purpose of this class is to test you physically, mentally, and help you build confidence in your capabilities as you get stronger with us! The workout is modified for movements that fit your current fitness level.


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